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Our Procedures for COVID-19

Dear Clients,

Spring is here and the COVID-19 pandemic is looking a lot different. We’ve been watching COVID-19 very closely and waiting for the right conditions to start letting our clients in the building again. We’re happy to announce the start of a limited reopening to clients on March 17th.

As we’ve mentioned in past letters, our working environment is different from most public places because we have closer and longer exposures to each other. Being together in an exam room for 30 minutes is a bigger deal than passing by someone in a store aisle. For that reason, we’re going to take things one step at a time, opening just for doctor examination appointments. Most other visits, including drop-offs, vaccine boosters, and nail trims, will still be done under our pandemic “curbside” protocols for now.

For those examination appointments, here are a few more points:

  • Masks are still required in our clinic, and they need to cover your nose and mouth the whole time.
  • Every visit will begin with calling from your car when you get here. We’ll talk you through the rest. If you don’t have a cell phone, please peek in to let us know you’re here, and then wait outside.
  • Exam rooms will be limited to two clients at a time. We have air filters and exhaust fans to use in each room to keep the air as clean as we can.
  • We’ll ask you a few questions about your possible exposures to COVID-19 and any symptoms you might be having.
  • We’ll take your temperature with a contactless forehead thermometer to make sure you don’t have a fever.

If you prefer not to come inside, if you don’t want to wear a mask, or if any of those other factors don’t work out, we’ll be happy to offer the same curbside service we’ve been doing for two years now.

This is an exciting moment for us and we’re looking forward to seeing our clients in-person again!


Creekside Veterinary Clinic

Don't Hide Your Cat Away

Cat breaking through wallpaper

Most cats see their veterinarian only half as often as dogs. For an adult cat, one year is like four human years, so time flies and it’s important for them to have regular checkups.

Cats are stoic and do an impressive job of hiding their troubles. Whether your cat is indoors or outdoors, they are susceptible to a range of illnesses, and having a veterinarian monitor your cat’s health is the best way to catch problems early.

At Creekside Veterinary Clinic, we love kitties and can make their visits less stressful and more pleasant. If your cat doesn’t enjoy traveling, we’d like to offer some helpful tips.

Committed to the Care of Your Pet

Creekside Veterinary Clinic is a small animal hospital that is committed to offering excellent, compassionate veterinary care. We see dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, birds and reptiles and most other small companion exotics you can think of!

Dr. Leanne Eggert, Dr. Megan Strahon, Dr. Megan Angstrom, and the entire staff work hard every day to provide the best possible care for your pets. Our practice has been serving Keizer and the surrounding communities for nearly 30 years. We have an excellent and caring staff that is ready to help keep your pets healthy and to nurse them back to health when they are sick. For more information about us, please see our Doctors and Staff page.

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